Sunday, August 20, 2017

Don't face your fears

One very popular quote that I have always heard that seems really motivating is “You need to face your fears”. This word is used by motivational speakers in relation to situations that are very challenging and the person in question seems to be hovering with fear around making a decision. This may work as a principle for mundane life issues, however, it does not operate same way for spiritual victories. Conquering the cosmos in the spiritual is not about you but something bigger than you.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


It is very common to the natural mind to come to a conclusion that the devil is at work when things are not coming at an exact time as expected. This would not have bothered me if it were said of one who is not saved, however, anytime I hear such of a regenerated child of God, it breaks my heart. The Devil has been defeated; Jesus already took care of that (Col 2:15). The devil has no input in your life as a redeemed child. So, anything that goes on in your life is purely in the knowledge of the Father. So, why do we go through some very tough waiting times that seems endless?

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I have read and hear people quote a particular portion of the scripture and it seem to be an easy one to understand. It is devoid of any form of ambiguity. However, the meaning have not been so evident in the life of some brethren.

“Teach a child the way that he should go and he will not depart from it” Prov 22:6

That scripture is so instructive and powerful to me. If the scripture is anything to go by then we should have a world filled with Christ driven men with the rate of church explosion in our world today.

In my early years of going out on ministry assignment amongst youths, one of the question that is most prevalent I was asked was “how not to do what you don’t want to do”. I began to see how brethren who are fervent in church attendance struggle with living a true Christ worthy life. Most of who grew up in the church, attended bible study classes and all of the teachings on hell, devil and heaven but still end up finding it difficult to be true within. It is important I point out that child here does not translate to physical birth but a time of coming into the faith.

The climax is the dominance of secret sin amongst brethren. I was with some local leaders of a very prominent church in Nigeria and we began to share along the line of living pure for the Lord. One of the leaders confided in me that they are aware of many of the church members who after church services have secret places they go to indulge in all forms of immoral acts and for me it was a big concern. This is what is happening with many, but covered under the umbrella of fervency towards church programs. There is a conflict within with living righteously. Some feel sober but seem helpless.

If they were taught about all of the ways to stay away from sin (and the scriptures says he who is taught won’t depart) from their formative years then why is it difficult to stay on the track?  Or what does the scripture means when it refers to a child being taught the way they should go?

Sunday, July 23, 2017


I was in a prayer meeting with a friend and as we began to worship in song, a very powerful chorus was rendered to the Lord. A song I so love, not knowing I have always murdered the lyrics. The song goes thus: “Thanks thanks, I give you thanks for all you have done, I am so blessed my soul is at rest, oh Lord, I give you thanks”. The line I have always done injustice to is: “my soul is at rest” which I always sing as “and so exalted”. Songs are powerful; inspired ones. So, as he took the line correctly, the words struck my spirit so very much. I began to search in my spirit what my soul being at rest meant and if that is really the case.
In the beginning God created Man from the dust of the ground and the scripture made us to understand that God breathed into his nostrils and he became a living SOUL. Man had no issues to worry about, no fears or concerns that were so overwhelming. The most interesting part of it was that he had no reason to be afraid of God. God wasn’t a fear father-figure. He didn’t need any permission from God to do anything. God validated everything he does as correct.

The soul (Greek, “psyche”) is a combination of the mind, the will and emotions. Adam’s mind was exactly a product of God’s mind. Each time he saw an animal, he would conceive a picture of the name he feels good for the animal and that was it. His will was also in line to do the dictates of God; Eve mentioned to the serpent how they have been keeping to the instructions of God not to eat a certain fruit. Adam must have tutored Eve on this, to channel their will in God. The emotion of man at this time was also positive; each time God came into the garden they were always excited. In essence, man’s soul was at rest.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Last week I started to write on living by a vision. If you missed that you can read up here before going ahead  

I established a fact that every man carries a proportion of God which God expects him to take full advantage of in order to make earth heavenly. That is the definition of Adam and Eve on earth before the serpent came into the picture which brought a distortion in the order of creation. I concluded that without you coming to know Jesus, the vision cannot be expressed maximally.
I will move further in explaining three practical basics that can help you easily locate God’s embedded uniqueness in you. This can be done by taking a closer observation of the following:

1.      What you find joy in doing without bothering on compensation:
The scripture’s description of Joseph showed him as a young man who loved to render services. He was always there to put things in order. When he was sold into slavery at Potiphar’s house, his master left the administration of his house into his hand. Joseph enjoyed doing this, not minding his current position or state. Immediately he got into prison after he was blackmailed by his master’s wife, the prison warder was glad because there was someone who would make his work less stressful; he handed over the prison administration to Joseph. The only thing that could make him so known for this is consistency with result. He kept doing it without worries.

In the spirit of service, Joseph interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s servants- the baker and butler and this was what brought Joseph to the exact place God was preparing him for. It was an easy fit because that was the essence of the man, Joseph.
What do you find joy doing that you are so ready to do without bothering on compensation or your interest? That most likely is God finding expression through you. Remember it’s a portion of Him in you, so whenever it is let out, He tickles inside of you, that brings the joy.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Living by a Vision

Life could become so worthless living in when a man has no idea of what to do. The thought of how cruel the world is, struggles for survival and the pain coupled with the journey of life can make a man conclude on that common saying: “this world is nothing but full of troubles." A man who embarks on a journey he doesn’t have provisions for will see every stop to check his preparedness for the trip as “trouble” and an unsurmountable one at that. Being wealthy, prosperous and very comfortable does not translate to a fulfilled life.  The only way to having a fulfilled and trouble-proof life is when you know the reason for your existence and you are living it.

It was the maiden edition of Innovation Hour -arm of Innovation Resort which deals with teaching of God’s word. Despite the rains, the Lord brought a good number of youths and teenagers. We took time to explore what it entail to live by a vision. This week’s Innovation Dose will be one of the lectures taught at the Innovation school- Living by a vision.

Vision has been described in the English dictionary as the ability to see. Another definition says it is an idea or a picture in your imagination. Now, bringing the two definitions together, it can be concluded that vision is seeing the picture that is in your image nation. This means there is a picture in every man’s imagination. However, the challenge lies in seeing it. And the inability to see it leaves many wandering in frustration and pain.  

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Don't be a Philemon!

The misconception about the world and the Christian life has left many treasures untapped and some sent into the cloves of the devil. God has deposited awesome treasures and ideas in the hearts of many, but, the belief that anything not directly impacting on the five-fold ministry is canal has robbed the church of her movement in shaping the world.

Onesimus is a slave belonging to Philemon who is a wealthy citizen of Colosse, and a prominent member of the church there. His master didn’t see any value attached to him other than being a slave. So, he denied Onesimus a voice. There were people of his age and stature who were regarded as important and useful because they occupied spiritual positions in the church. Onesimus didn’t mean anything to the master.