Sunday, January 14, 2018


I do hope you have been working on my messages to you since the beginning of the year: it solely centres on having an understanding of what God would want you do at each stage of your life in the year. This is not just about a theme for the year, but, a theme for each hurdle that comes your way in the year- knowing what to do, when to, and how to do it. It’s beyond your pastor’s diligence to his duty, but your personal effort to search the inner-light at every dark point in the year. I am also taking this message to practice with all seriousness, it is to everyone.

Having dwell so much on that, I want to assume you have an expectation already by now, as inspired by the Holy Ghost within you. I mean there should be a word you are standing on, like I have heard from different persons confessing it’s their year of new height, breakthrough, new dawn etc. Please I need you to hold on to what you sense God is having for you in the year religiously. However, be well informed that with every delivery, there is always a contraction; it takes process.

My message to you this week is to ensure that by the end of the year when you take a review, you can confidently come to a conclusion that at the beginning God gave you a word and you can testify of its accurate manifestations in your life. Prophecies are not meant to emotionally psyche you!

Sunday, January 7, 2018


I did make it clear last week what is needed of you at a time like this for the year; it is not about the word for the year, but the word- which serves as the light- for every moment in the year which no pastor would give you but you will have to listen for yourself. I feel so strongly that the Lord is calling for a fellowship beyond service this season. The summary of my message is for you to become completely conscious of listening to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit within you in order to know what to do at every point in time; this is the only way to avoid stumbling this year.

In lieu of this I will show you why you must take this as serious as life itself. There are many good advice out there even from a trusted spiritual brother but, they may not be the actual intent of God at that time. They sound good but God is not in such counsel. So, a man without the light (actual word) on the inside will go with “good counsel” and this is dangerous; it will limit your exploration of what God has for you. You need your inner-light.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Wow, it’s a new year! Glory to God for seeing us through the year 2017. It is a privilege to witness yet another year, in God. I wish you a happy new year.

It is my culture to show you the word for the year on my first article to you each year. It is however going to be a little different this time as I will be revealing to you what you need for a seamless 2018 as an individual. I know many of us have a watchword received from our different churches for the year, but, not everyone actually comes into the reality of the general theme. So, let us deal with you in particular now.

As it stands, no man has journeyed through the year, neither can anyone say categorically all that will happen in the year 2018. However, the Lord does not leave us without a glimpse of what to do, what to expect and in some cases just an assurance of His presence without knowing what to come. In essence, the year 2018 seems to be as a night where no man can basically explain all that is inside of it. So, how do you make the most of the year?

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I want to bring to your notice one of the traps the devil sets to make the faith of a Christian grow weak. As you should know, faith is our operating system in this kingdom. This is coming at a time as this so as to ensure you start your year 2018 with full armour against every devices of the devil. You are entering the New Year with victory.

I have always explained to you (if you are a regular reader on my blog) how it is God who is in charge of your life as a believer. The devil has no input in the determination of what transpires in your life; the decision is a family matter that happens among you, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In fact I have on the wall of my room written boldly “all that happens to me is of the Lord, Devil is only an on-looker”. All includes those uninteresting experiences as well as the exciting ones.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Professor Prince!

Have you taken an evaluation of the year as its winding up, only to discover you are not yet where you know you should be? It seems the world is turning over on you; nothing appears to be working; in fact you come to a state of silently wondering if there really is a “God” who is listening to your prayers. This brings weariness to the spirit; pains that most times cannot be shared with others, but, in your closet, you cry and ask the big question- “how long do I wait?”

Let me share with you the story of a friend, Prof. Prince, who had to wait for more than 10 years before God’s promise for his life manifested. I hope this encourages your faith.

Prince is the last child of his parents. He narrated how his father told him of a prophecy concerning him (Prince), at his young age, of how he is going to be the next most renowned professor in the city and occupying the leading seat of the city premier academic institution. A very studious, handsome and meek personality, Prince, was not always at home, but in the library, studying. He loved Further Mathematics so much that he studied to the level he could solve critical problems without the use of a calculator. He was doing all these just to ensure he made his father happy and also for his studious nature because he knew very well that his father could not afford (financially) three of his children in school at the same time; two of his brothers were in the tertiary institution at this time.  

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Above Sin!

This will be the last topic under the series I have been sharing on in the last three weeks- “understanding the New Birth”. This series focuses on bringing the believer into an understanding of the spiritual realities made available under the New Birth so as to live a victorious Christian life.

Sin is one of the most discussed topics amongst Christians with so much fears attached to it. This has led to prayers not to fall in sin and forgiveness from uncommitted sin a routine in many quarters, however, this is not the design. We are saved to be above sin, no more struggling with it. And, it is always a hard nut to crack when statement like “I cannot sin” is being uttered. However, that is the gospel truth and reality of the new birth.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Can the SAVED be CURSED?

One of the entry point of wrong beliefs into human lives is taking account of what could have been the cause of an unpleasant situation outside of the consciousness of God’s supremacy over a life. In such cases, the mind begins to reflect on what you have actually encountered in course of your daily activities; perhaps there was an occurrence of having a rift with someone and it got so brutal that curses came forth or at one point or the other, someone had for whatever reason spoken negative words over you.

Then, it happens that at the moment things are not going too well, your mind quickly operates the replay button, and, the whole situation will seem exactly a product of the “evil word” that came forth. The more you ruminate on it, the more the symptoms becomes evident in your mind. This has the power to cripple a man, especially in cases where the supposed “curse launcher” is nowhere to be found.

Can the saved be cursed?